Jesus 2 is

In the future, a corpse is resurrected to save the human race from death. His name is Jesus 2 and he’s a sick freak.

PHASE TWO IS SOLD OUT! Thank you to everyone that participated, the Jesus 2 animation Phase is currently in development thanks to the funds raised.


From the mind of Jesse Moynihan, Art Director for Midnight Gospel and Storyboard Artist for Adventure Time.

Jesus 2 is an animation NFT project that was too crazy for development execs.

The proceeds from the collection will go towards funding an animated short film. This has been budgeted for and will be produced by an animation team who have worked on projects such as Rick and Morty, Midnight Gospel, Adventure Time, and Eastbound and Down. 
Duncan Trussell, well known for his podcast The Duncan Trussell Family Hour who also appears on the Netflix series The Midnight Gospel, is lined up as a guest voice.

➼ Phase Two - 2,203 NFTs with 10 new characters from the film. Phase One Sold Out.
➼ Each holder will receive an animation snippet from the finished film, and gain exclusive pre-release viewing.

24. November - 1pm UTC - Phase 1 WL (2 NFTs per address for Archons) SOLD OUT

25. November - 0am UTC - Phase 2 WL (1 NFT per address for Verified Holders) SOLD OUT

25. November - 1pm UTC - Public Sale (Supply approx. 1,200 NFTs) SOLD OUT

Phase Two Total Supply
2,203 NFTs

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Jesse Moynihan is a cartoonist, designer and writer who has contributed to the worlds of Adventure Time, Midnight Gospel and his critically acclaimed graphic novel series, Forming. JESUS 2 is a baby born for the Internet. The story is too crazy for development executives. NFTs are the only way Jesse and his team can see this cartoon getting made as they envision: beautiful, funny, philosophical and original. Making things on our own is the future of entertainment. NFTs are the way. Yes this is Jesse talking about himself in the third person I don't know why. Please enjoy the journey!


Jonathon Bolitho is a Sydney-based artist, designer, set builder, social media guru and plant appreciator. Co-creator and community manager of two sell out projects, he's been hanging out in the Cardano NFT space for a while now. When he's not on discord for 16 hours a day you might find him playing with his cat or camping somewhere in the Australian outback.


Drew Shenfield is a manager based out of Los Angeles representing writers that work on shows like SNL, What We Do in the Shadows, Rick and Morty, Corden, Fallon and more. He also is focused in the digital space, representing brands and podcasts in the comedy space.


Patty Hoss is a literary talent manager based out of Los Angeles, CA. He represents a wide variety of writers, directors, artists, and producers working in the TV, film, animation, comic book and video game space. A handful of Patty’s clients have been recognized with Emmy, WGA, and Annie Award nominations. He also represents this awesome cartoonist and Peabody Award winner named Jesse Moynihan.


August 22nd 2022
Phase One Release SOLD OUT

We will release the main Jesus 2 collection of 2,225 NFTs, consisting of the first 10 characters.

Q3 2022
Phase One Production of Animated Short

A team of professional animators, artists and producers will create a 7-9 minute animated short called Jesus 2.

Phase One will fund the Jesus 2 storyboard, voice acting featuring Duncan Trussell, background painting, character design and rough editing budget.

Q1-Q3 2023 TBA

The final two phases of the collection. Each phase corresponds to a phase of the animation's development. This entire process will take 9-12 months, and we will be publishing updates to the community via Discord and Twitter.

2023 Q2
Exclusive Airdrops

Each NFT entitles the holder to an exclusive airdrop - an animated snippet from the film.

We'll also be developing the first physical playing card decks, as well as giving away sketches and illustrations from the film's development.

2023 TBA
Exclusive Viewing

All holders will gain access to an exclusive viewing, prior to public release.


What is an NFT?

You know that horrible rash that you sometimes get after unprotected sex? Oh wait that's something else.

Why Cardano?

Cardano was chosen because of the tight knit community and the environmentally friendly ethos.

When will I recieve my NFT?

Right after payment confirmation, our mint process will be executed automatically and the transaction will be submitted to the blockchain.

Wen Mint?

November 24th 1PM UTC Whitelist. November 25th 1PM UTC Public.

How many NFT's per transaction?

Public mint 3 per TX, no wallet limit.



Policy ID


Mint Price?

150 ADA

Still have questions?

Come and commune with Jesus 2 himself in our Discord! He's a sick freak.